We don't do fast fashion, no dead stocks, no big sales. Slow fashion.
We produce on demand, so we make products that are already sold, only bestsellers are in stock, but minimum stock.
We mostly use 100% organic cotton fabrics and recycled fabrics with the best quality so the lifetime of our products are outstanding.
We are giving back, with earth-friendly projects like cleaning the beaches of Barcelona.
We prefer to produce local: The Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, so our CO2 footprint is minimal.

To stop damaging our planet we are doing something back. Thats why we use mainly organic fabrics. We strive to make everything out of organic and recycled materials. We produce durable and resistant fabrics so the lifetime of the product is long, the fast fashion footprint is gone and our people in the workplaces gets fair salaries, paid on time, have a safe workplace and fringe benefits.
And Casa Barcelonete makes the impact on the planet minimal with our own artisan policy. This means the products are made after someone orders it. We avoid the dead-stock strategy. That's why our process and dispatch time is a little bit longer. The bestsellers are on stock, but with low numbers so the continuity is guaranteed. Choose sustainable.

Further our leathers are a 'by-product' from the farming and fishing industry. So there's no waste. We are innovating and testing with 'vegan' alternatives like apple peel and cacti. For now the lifetime of these kind of alternatives are not that good. But we keep doing research.


Once the skins are removed, most of them end up as waste. Over 20 years Nordic Fish Leather is the supplier that worked on solutions to turn this neglected high-quality raw material into a nice product. The results can be seen back in our products.

But thats not all. Nordic Fish Leather uses only renewable energy for its production. 100% of the electricity supply is from a Hydro Electric power plant. The warm water derives from hot springs close to the town where the factory is located. The total power usage is therefore CO2 neutral.


In the past we have done projects to support local foundations in Barcelona. From clean ups to donations. Hopefully we can do something again soon. If you're a foundations that does something for the ocean don't hesitate to contact us. We always like to collaborate on these kind of projects.



The garments are made in different country's. Every country is specialized in making different garments. The most samples are made in the atelier in The Netherlands. The pieces are made by hand and tested directly on the models. Through this way we can make fast adjustments and keep the impact low on the planet. Further, all the leather products are handmade in the atelier.

The direct communications between the design department and the factories is a key for the quality of the garments.

Barcelonete is very thankful for all the people who made the brand great.