” It’s an universe created in our minds of how we think todays society needs to present itself: elegant and playfull. Thinking about how we can fill the gap between ‘well dressed’ and ‘streetwear’ we started in 2014, together. Same interests, same thoughts, resulting in fashion brand Barcelonete.”

”The first thing we did was securing the brandname with a trademark! We have lived in BCN and this is where our love for the city started. We started creating. The vibe, culture, architecture and history of BCN are the fundaments of Barcelonete. In 2016 we finally drop our first ‘official’ collection. . Due to small numbers, people can stand out and feel connected to the brand.”

“We began with: QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. We always said from the beginning: the quality must be excellent! Most of our garments are made of 100% organic cotton and chosen very carefully. Otherwise it would not make any sense for us.”

“With LA FAMILIA we refer to the family we are creating. We dont have ambassadors, we dont pay people to show ads from us. We only working with the best. ”


Amsterdam – 2016